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In this article, we will discuss the various aims and objectives undertaken by the Madhya Pradesh Housing Board. We will also deal with a few projects governed by the MP Housing Board. 

Aims and Objectives of the Madhya Pradesh Housing Board

The main aim as stated on the commencement and establishment of the MP Housing Board was to take the necessary steps to fulfil the demands and needs of housing accommodations and development of infrastructural amenities in the Deccan states. This organisation was formed in the year 1972 after the enactment of the Madhya Pradesh Griha Nirman Mandal Adhiniyam, 1972. The following are some of the objectives as stated by the Board:

  • Development of Housing facilities.
  • Improvement in Infrastructural amenities.
  • Establishment of both residential and commercial properties.
  • Management of Estates and Capital.
  • To undertake construction projects in various segments as per the rule of the Deposit Head.


Achievements of the MP Housing Board

Madhya Pradesh Housing and Infrastructural Development Board is one of the pioneers and the most trustworthy organisations of all times for carrying out development programmes in the state. Listed below are some of the noteworthy features of the housing commission:

  • The Board is known to offer clean and transparent deals for the people.
  • It has satisfied over two lakh households with its construction programmes.
  • It promises no hidden shocks, charges or misconduct in its business schedule.
  • Infrastructural amenities like water supply, drainage, sewage treatment, solid waste management, the power supply has been imparted under the supervision of the Board.
  • The Board implants well-planned surroundings constituting law-abiding citizens for a pleasant neighbourhood to its inhabitants.
  • It has established a service centre in the city of Bhopal and is extending its reaches in the other parts of the state as well.
  • The Board is known to reach out to offer after-sales services in an efficient and dependable state to its inhabitants and investors. 

Process of Application 

Any inhabitant of the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh is entitled to honour themselves for receiving a housing unit constructed by the Madhya Pradesh Housing Board. The only factor which you need to bear in mind is the circulation and regulation of notices and announcements by the Board. Here are the simple steps which you need to keep in mind for adapting a smooth application procedure.

Step 1 – Look for advertisements circulated via newspapers or keep in touch with the Estate Management Office for getting updates on the availability of properties in the region.

Step 2 – Fill up the MP Housing Board Registration form that is made available with the Estate Managers or the prescribed banks.

Step 3 – Make the initial deposit along with the application fee.

Step 4 – Attach identity and address proofs along with other documents which are asked for. (We will provide you with a list of documents below which you need to keep handy).

Step 5 – Submit the application form along with the prescribed authentic documents and wait for getting a confirmation from the Estate Manager’s office or the bank. 

Documents Required

Given below are the lists of documents which you must hold to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted application procedure for owning a residential or commercial property constructed by the MP Housing Commission in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh.

  • Passport-size photograph of the applicant.
  • Income certificate approved by the competent authority.
  • A copy of the salary receipts.
  • A copy of the latest income tax returns.
  • Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Voter ID or other identity and address proofs. 

Projects by MP Housing Board

Apart from construction of residential projects for the inhabitants of Madhya Pradesh, the housing commission is also known to have gained recognition for completion of promises made for constructing business administration centres in the state. Here are a few examples of the prestigious works completed by the MP Housing Board:

  • GTB Complex, Panchanan, Tawa Complex and Gangotri are some of the MP Housing Board Bhopal new project Bhopal.
  • IT Parks in Bhopal, Indore and Jabalpur.
  • Charak Hospital in Ujjain and Government Hospital in Morena.
  • Raj Kapoor Auditorium and Collectorate Building in Rewa.
  • Medical College in Sagar and ITI in Shahdol.

Allotment process and other related information

Having educated you on the lines of the projects completed by the housing board in Madhya Pradesh, we will acquaint you with a few familiar topics concerned with the construction and allotment of houses and properties by the MP Housing Board.

  • Allotment procedure: The allotment of houses and other commercial properties are held through a draw which is also known as the lottery system. This draw is conducted fairly and under transparent conditions which are known to all applicants. This is done so that the procedure does not affect the sentiment of the applicant and also for the allotment process to be carried out in an unbiased manner. Draws are conducted when the number of applications is more than the number of properties available. Moreover, these draws take place in a public gathering in front of the applicants.
  • Payment Methods: Once allotted and granted with a residential or commercial property, applicants need to submit their deposits for receiving the property on time. You can either opt for “Hire Purchase” or the “Self-Financing” procedure of payment. Hire Purchase involves payments in instalments such as half the deposit is to be made during construction, that is, before possession. The remaining amount is to be paid in yearly instalments along with the interest after getting the possession.

In Self-Financing mode, you need to pay the entire amount before possession of the property so that the entire property is built on the expenses covered by you. Readymade houses could be purchased under “Outright Sale” by this mode. The cost of the houses in this mode is relatively 10% cheaper than the Hire Purchase mode.

  • Withdrawal Procedure and Switching of Scheme: If at any point of time you feel to switch from one scheme to the other or withdraw your application, your entire deposited amount will be refunded after deducting 10% for the registration charges. Switching between schemes and the costs depends upon the schemes available at that point of time.
  • Additional Charges: Besides the purchasing amount and the registration fees, applicants or property holders are also charged with an annual lease rent and maintenance charges. Properties sited in premium location would be bound to pay an extra supervision charge annually. You can get hold of the MP Housing Board online lease rent at the official website of the MP Housing Board.
  • Transfer of Property: Selling or transferring properties received by the Madhya Pradesh Housing Board can be done only after 3 years of the allotment. Moreover, the housing board charges you with a minimum sum and transfer fee by visualising the time elapsed after the allotment. 


Q1. What are reservation quotas by MP Housing Board? 

Ans. Percentage of Reservations of houses for various categories is as follows:

Category Percentage of Reservation
MPs and MLAs belonging to High-income group 20%
Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes 25%
Freedom Fighters as well as Defence Personnel 4% and 2% respectively.
Physically Challenged Persons 1%
OBCs (Other Backward Classes) 6%
Housing Board Employees 2%
Writer and Intellectuals or Journalists 3%
Chairman Quota 5%


Q2. Can you avail loans to purchase a property from the MP Housing Board? 

Ans. Loans can be taken from reputed and authorised financial institutions for purchasing properties constructed under the MP Housing Board Scheme. Due to its efficacy in being a legal authoritative organisation, banks like SBI and HDFC are eager to empower you with housing loan facilities. 

Q3. Name some regional centres of MP Housing Board. 

Ans. Following are some of the exclusive regional centres through which the Board operates:

  • MP Housing Board Satna.
  • MP Housing Board Indore Rau Kamayani.
  • MP Housing Board Jabalpur.

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