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Welcome to Central Park!!

If you are looking for enhanced quality of life and not merely apartments with facilities, your search ends here. Our concept based luxury homes with in-house hospitality services makes our residential properties most sought after. Central Park tirelessly strives to provide an extraordinary customer experience and does everything to ensure you’re delighted. We call it ‘The Central Park Way’.

About Resorts-

Central Park Resorts offers residents a unique proposition of ‘live-in-a-resort’, offering views of over 20 acres of land where you are spoiled by the choices it offers. Drive to your apartment through a stunning International Tunnel Driveway, get off at ‘drop- offs’ that resemble luxury hotel lobbies and come home to living spaces that exude warmth, designed with you in mind. Experience 360 degree living where you don’t have to step out for anything.

About Bellavista Towers-

Central Park has recreated unmatched Japanese experiences through a union of true craftsmanship and unique Japanese philosophies of living life to the fullest. We have truly curated a home away from home experience for our esteemed Japanese clientele down to the last detail.

Accommodations Available-

Studio Apartment – 1065 sqft to 1217 sqft
1 BHK Apartment – 1359 sqft to 1607 sqft


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