Key Vastu Principles for buying an Apartment:

A house is perhaps one of the biggest dream purchases in one’s life and if you wish to live in a positive space, you should choose a property that is Vastu-compliant. While many builders promote their properties claiming that their structures are in line with the Vastu principles, it would be beneficial if you yourself own some knowledge about Key Vastu Principles for buying an Apartment.

Vastu Shastra is the Indian science of architecture that eliminates any signs of negativity and promotes harmony and prosperity in the house. When choosing an apartment, either for buying or renting, there are a few aspects of Vastu Shastra that a buyer should consider to maintain positive energy in the living space.

Ensuring Vastu compliance would mean a harmonious atmosphere where the energy of building is in complete tune with the five elements of Mother Nature. The fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra can be easily fine-tuned, extended, and modernized to meet the needs of contemporary times. Your space should be an inspiration to live a quality life and buying or renting a premise according to the golden principles of Vastu Shastra can help.

While the main mantra for a Vastu compliant home states that the Panchtattava should be in place- air in the East, water in the North, earth in the South-West, fire in the South, and space in the West. However, that is not all; there are some other Vastu-related guidelines to check before choosing a new apartment:

Disha Gyaan or the knowledge of directions:

When buying a new apartment in India, directions should be the top priority to ensure Vastu-compliance.

Front entrance: The entry to any home is its doorway to the energies entering inside that home. The directions considered most auspicious for the entryway are North and North-East directions as these directions attract positive energy. Entry to the West or South direction should be strictly avoided as these directions rarely suit people and are believed to bring health-related issues and other family problems inside the house and the family residing in it.

Master Bedroom & Other Bedrooms: Bedroom is the place where you and your family sleeps, relaxes and rejuvenates so it is important for it to be a stress free zone. Having the master bedroom in the South-West direction can help solve a number of stress and tension-related issues.

The placement of bed in the room should be such that the head faces the South and never North. No beam should be there directly above the bed or it may lead to mental stress related issues in the person sleeping on that bed.

Kid’s Bedroom: The bedroom where the kids sleep in an apartment is a important place as the energy of the room impacts their health, mind, and attention span as well. Make sure this room is built in the North-West corner of the apartment.

Living Room: Living Room is the room where the entire family sits and spends most of its time together. It should always have a positive energy and thus make sure it is located in the north direction. A Vastu compliant living room is the one located in North direction and is known to nurture a strong bond between family members and attracts more positive relationships and friendships in the home.  

Washrooms: The North-West, North-East East or the East directions are most suited for bathrooms and toilets in any new apartment. Ventilation in the bathroom should also be appropriate and there should be enough natural light entering the washrooms. The door of the bathroom should never face the kitchen or the dining room area.

Kitchen: Kitchen is the space where meals are cooked for family members living in a house. It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the space where we cook the food that nourishes our family and ourselves. To make sure that the kitchen is in the perfect direction according to Vastu Shastra, it should be in the South-West or the North-West corner of the apartment. Moreover, it should also be checked that the cooktop slab should be positioned in a manner such that the person cooking there would face either the North or the East direction. Facing South while cooking is a big no no.

Shape of Apartment: When buying an apartment, it is imperative to consider the shape of the apartment balancing of the energies dominant there. An ideal apartment is one that is shaped in the form of a square or a rectangle. Irregularly shaped apartments or apartments that are shaped in hexagon, pentagon, or have many other corners protruding out from different directions attract negative energies.  While it is easy to identify the shape of a land or plot, identifying the shape of an apartment requires a bit of efforts. For this, one should consider the terrace or seek assistance from a reliable Vastu practitioner to analyze precise shape of an apartment.

Surroundings: What’s around the apartment is also a determining factor in the energies that live in it. A good apartment is one that is surrounded with open space, little bit of greenery, and open space to let natural light in. However, one should ensure some things are not present in surrounding of the house or apartment to avoid negativity. Any pond or pools in the society, where the apartment is, should not be present in the West or South direction from the flat. If there is any water body, it could be in the East or North direction only. There should be no school, temple or an electric pole just opposite to your home.

Although finding a house which is 100% Vastu-compliant is kind of tough. brings you a range of carefully designed properties through some of our most esteemed partners which are highly Vastu compliant and further with the guidance of a professional Vastu expert, you can eliminate Vastu dosha in your property and live a good life.

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