Odisha State Housing Board

In this article, we will come across several projects undertaken under OSHB and how these accommodations are changing the living standards of the state residents.

About Odisha State Housing Board

The Odisha State Housing Board was established in 1968 by the government of Odisha, after passing an Act of state legislature that contained a demand for providing affordable housing to overcome the acute housing shortage in the state. The features of this project were –

  • To provide lands in prime locations and are free from any litigations.
  • To offer all allottees an affordable payment structure with easy instalments.
  • To provide all candidates, a socio-cultural housing colony.
  • To add well-planned infrastructure facilities like road, drain, community hall, parking place, for a better living standard.

Meeting the growing demands of housing due to urbanization, rapid population growth, and poverty, OSHB is associated with govt in the H&UD department to fulfil the mission of providing house to everyone and make the state slum-free. OSHB aims to provide a home, where everyone can breathe freely. Besides these, OSHB aims to build spaces to facilitate the commercial growth, help in the process of rapid urbanization, and maintain environmental balance by promoting Green House Concept.

Brief information about the six projects chalked out by Odisha State Housing Board.

Odisha housing board plans six projects in locations like Rourkela, Cuttack, Bhubaneshwar, and Angul.

  • At Chhend (Phase III) located in Rourkela, a scheme is drafted to undertake a land measuring more than 4.417 acres. And according to the plan, 79 housing units are to be constructed for all income groups.
  • In Bhubaneswar, two constructions are planned, one at Dharmavihar, and the other at Rasinghpur. The land taken in Dharmavihar is more than 1.72 acres, on which OSHB is going to construct a multi-stored apartment. Whereas at Ranasinghpur, a commercial complex will be built over a land of around 4.65 acres.
  • In Cuttack, a multi-storied apartment is to be constructed for lower-income groups having 1,008 housing units located over an area of 11.383 acres at Bidyadharpur.
  • The other two projects include the Suango project in Bhubaneshwar spread across an area of 10 acres and a project in Angul that requires 6.5-acre land.

Some other project schemes under OSHB

  1. Dumduma housing board colony Bhubaneswar is having HIG (High Income Group) flat at phase-VI, having 27 housing units and Phase-VII is having 17 housing units flat for middle-income groups (MIG).An area of Ac. 3.81 dec. the land is planned by the Odisha housing board plot for sale in Bhubaneswar, as a Phase-VII project in Dumduma. This modern apartment complex is available for all income groups with 162 flats for EWS designed in G/S+4 structure, for LIG  160 flats constructed in G/S+8 pattern, and 196 for the middle-income group with a B+G+8 design. A total of 518 housing units are available with well-designed infrastructures as an add-on like parking space, community space, mechanized sewerage treatment plant, fire fighting system, rainwater harvesting system, etc.


  1. Odisha housing board Dhenkanal has launched Baji Rout Housing Scheme, Ph-11, in Mahisapat. Under this scheme, 2000 sq.ft area is undertaken to construct a 21 units HIG simplex core house, 1500 sq.ft land is used for 15 units MIG simplex core house, 1040 sq.ft for 01 unit LIG simplex core house, and 65 housing units EWS flat. Three completed schemes at Dhenkanal offers residence generally to EWS and has also considered LIG and MIG. Composite Housing Scheme at Dhenkanal offers 21 units for EWS, 154 units for LIG, and 47 units for MIG. Imp. H.S. at Bhuban offered 438 units to EWS whereas another project in Imp. H.S. at Bhuban provides 356 housing units.


  1. Odisha housing board Angul has completed three projects. The housing scheme at Talcher has taken an area of 13.25 acres and it provides 40 dwelling units to EWS and 83 housing units to MIG. MIG Talcher provides 33 housing units to the middle-income group. Palamara Scheme offers 48 units of shelter to lower-income groups and 9 units to middle-income groups. Besides these, there are several completed, ongoing, and upcoming projects under OSHB that are to be providing housing to Economically weaker sections (EWS), lower-income group (LIG), middle-income group (MIG), and higher-income group (HIG). To know more about the schemes or you are interested to purchase plots under the scheme then visit the official website www.oshb.org.

According to BDA Bhubaneswar new housing project 2019, several housing projects are to be implemented in which 75 per cent of the built-up area will be reserved for EWS and LIG. The financial help will be provided by the International Finance Corporation for that 75 per cent, whereas the selected private partner can use the rest 25 per cent land for either residential or commercial or both. Women members running households, people from backward classes like SC/ST, and the disabled person will have their reservations. BDA will set 10 years locking period within which one cannot sell their flat. Only convincing reasons will be taken care of, and the flats will be repurchased by BDA and a sum will be returned after calculating all the investments made by the beneficiary.


  1. What are some of the upcoming projects under OSHB?

Ans. Residential Project in Raghunathpur at Ganjam, a Residential project at Jagannathprasad in Bhubaneswar, Multi stored Apartment Project in Dumdama, Phase III in Bhubaneswar.

  1. What is the online procedure to purchase Flats/Core houses under Baji Rout Housing Scheme, Phase-I & Phase-II?

Ans. Go through the official website of OSHB and fill up all the details required along with the scanned copy of the original documents. Perform all the payments through NEFT/RTGS. EMD and non-refundable processing fee along with GST must be paid in a single transaction.

  1. What are some of the vacant houses available under OSHB?

Ans. Baji Rout, Phase-I, Dhenkanal offers 01 unit for MIG, Baji Rout, Phase-II, Dhenkanal offers 07 housing units for EWS, and Pathani Samanta CHS, Nayagarh provides 01 unit for MIG, 05 units for LIG, and 31 units for EWS.

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